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EFT Supervision

Carolynne is an ICEEFT certified supervisor and offers both individual and group supervisions both online and in Newcastle & Sydney.

Current EFT Supervision Groups

An ongoing supervision and learning group becomes a safe haven to learn and grow in the model. It’s a great place to share, support & encourage, and begin to take risks, like:

  • Sharing a clip of your work (especially a dodgy one. . .)
  • Trying a new skill in a role play
  • Exposing a gap in your EFT knowledge
  •  Sharing a self-of-therapist challenge
  • Celebrate the wins!

EFT is a process-experiential model and we learn it best through experience.
Group sessions generally include a group check-in and connect, a learning portion (the group decides the focus in advance), and a case presentation. Group members will take turns to each present a case. Groups for newer therapists include more EFT teaching, and advanced groups will include more clip sharing.

Groups are ongoing with a minimum 3-month commitment. Payment is due quarterly in advance.

Current Groups Include

  • Monthly 2-hour group for newer therapists (online) | $225/quarter | Openings available
  • Monthly 3-hour EFCT certification prep group (in person in Sydney) | $360/quarter | 1 space currently available
  • Monthly 2-hour EFIT certification group (in person in Sydney) | $240/quarter | New group starting - openings available
  • Bi-monthly 90 minute advanced EFCT group (online) | Currently closed - expression of interest welcome

Scheduling Details

If you're interested in doing supervision with Caz or would like more information, the next step is to schedule a zoom call to address your questions and explore options.