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Is Your Relationship Secure?

Please answer yes or no based on what is true for the most part.

  1. I do not feel alone in my relationship.

  2. When I need my partner's undivided attention, I can get it. They will be there for me and listen without getting defensive or distracted or dismissing me or justifying or disappearing.

  3. Even if they STILL miss the point, I keep on sending the signal until I feel seen and heard and understood.

  4. I feel that my partner cares about me unconditionally. Even on a bad day, I know I am a priority no matter what.

  5. When I don't feel close, I can ask for reassurance in a clear and undefended way.

  6. I can trust my partner to not just want to, but be able to respond in a way that makes it better. My partner 'has my back' so that I am not alone.

  7. I can count on my partner's undivided loyalty and fidelity.

  8. I can be myself – I don't have to edit or filter everything for fear of being rejected or unacceptable.

  9. I feel loved and respected and accepted and desired and admired by my partner.

  10. We lean on each other equally. We are a team: it doesn't feel like one of us is the child or the parent in this relationship.

  11. We have a boundary around us. Neither of us would share anything personal or private about 'us' without the full permission of the other.

  12. We do not keep important secrets from each other.

  13. We both feel secure enough to explore our individual sides, and we look forward to reconnecting.

  14. We celebrate and commiserate with each other in the big and the small things.

  15. Our relationship is not perfect, but we are there for each other and because of that, our relationship is a safe haven.

The most telling information about whether you relationship is secure is how you feel when you consider these questions. Tune in to the information that you are receiving from yourself - the same information that you needed to know whether to respond 'yes' or 'no'. How you feel right now is your most authentic answer. So how do you feel right now?

If you answered 'no' to 4 or less of these questions, your relationship sounds like it's in good to GREAT shape. You may enjoy and benefit from a Relationship Reboot Retreat.

If you answered 'no' to more than 4 of these questions, it is likely that you could benefit from EFT Couples Counselling.

If you answered 'no' to more than 10 of these questions, it is likely your relationship is in need of urgent attention.

For more information about EFT Counselling or CoupleWorks, please contact us.