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What do you want?

So my teenage daughter comes in the other day and, I guess, doesn't like the way hubby is looking at her so she asks “what do you want?” in a kind of snotty way.

Quick as a flash, he replies - “ooh – I'll have a cappuccino – extra hot -  and one of those tasty little muffins, thanks for asking!!”

OK, I know that isn't what she meant and I also know that his chances of getting anything except an eye roll and a head shake were about zero,

but isn't that the million dollar question hovering underneath – well - everything? What do I want? In any given moment what am I spending my precious time, attention and resources on? And why? What motivates me? Where am I going, and why? What matters most? And how do I even know?

I think it's a pretty urgent and relevant question.

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Does this apology make by BUT look big?

I saw an ad for a florist recently that asked 'Just how sorry are you?' showing a progression of bouquets getting larger (and more expensive) in accordance with the severity of the 'crime'. And while I would never want to discourage anyone from buying a lovely bunch of flowers for someone special, when it comes to apologies – it just isn't that simple.

There are so many ways for an apology to miss the mark when you don't know what you're doing. It's pretty easy to even make things worse!!

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