Personal Workshops

If you find that your schedule does not suit any of the current workshops on offer, or you are not comfortable taking part in a workshop with a larger group, then it is possible one of our custom, personal workshops will be a good fit for you.

First it's important to understand that in both the larger workshops, and the small custom ones, there is no group therapy or counselling. This is an educational program. There is no discussion about the specifics of your relationship, or anything private, with a larger group. The goal of this program is to help you to learn and practice having private conversations, that build connection and bring healing to your relationship, with your partner and only your partner.

Many couples who attend the larger workshops do find value in participating in the learning part of the program in a larger group. As the weekend goes on, relationships between couples build and we get to see that we are all in the same boat and experience the same kinds of things. We all have insight and experience that can help one another - though there is no requirement or encouragement to share anything private with the group.

Even so, you may still feel a personal workshop is the thing for you. The options are as follows;

  • Weekly Sessions

    You can work through the program in a series of eight weekly (or so) sessions.

    At each session we will work through a section of the material and you will be able to then go home and practice the conversations before coming back for the next session.

    This option works great if you live in the Newcastle area and can make it to The Junction for weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

    You can do this individually as one couple or if you have another couple you are good friends with, then you may like to sign up to do the course together.

    To take this option;

    1.  purchase a package (you will receive a code you can use as credit for scheduling sessions).


    2. schedule the sessions from our Workshop Scheduling page.

  • Two Day Personal Workshop

    If you live further afield, or would rather work through the program in two days rather than spread out over a series of weeks, then we can schedule a personal two day workshop in Newcastle.

    This allows you to set aside several days to solely focus on building your connection and enjoying all that Newcastle has to offer.

    If you have friends you would like to do it with, this workshop is suitable for up to three couples. As with all the workshops - extra people does not mean extra sharing required!

    We do not have online scheduling available for this yet, so please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

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